What is Defensive Response Tactics

Although simple and to the point, explaining the whole program on a single web page is nearly impossible. However, to give you an idea of the organization and completeness of the program, here is a small outline of the four parts of DRT:

I. Foundation:

  • Explains the founding tested principals and formulas of this defensive tactics program. This helps law enforcement know why we do what we do.
  • Knowing the roots of a tactics program leads to faster assimilation and longer retainment.

II. Content:

  • Describes the categories (situations) and modules (strategies) of defense covered in this program.
  • These categories cover a wide range of low to high intensity attacks, preparing law enforcement with a broad spectrum of adaptable tools.

III. Structure:

  • Covers how the information is arranged and presented to both trainers and law enforcement, with simple diagrams and learning tools.
  • The structure we use is an excellent detailed description for both trainers and law enforcement, making it easy to remember.

IV. Curriculum:

  • Teaches the course lessons, objectives and training sessions in detail.
  •  Focuses on field tested techniques, both how to teach, learn, train and assessment them.