Defensive Response Tactics Programs

There are four levels of this program:

Primary and Review Training Course:

The Primary Course is centered around seven (7) hours, 1 day; covering the course material, both classroom style and physical training, in addition to an assessment session. There is also a two (2) hour Training Review course which helps the student review the material in the Primary Course, and then assesses them to their proficiency with it.

It is advised that the Review and Assessment course should be completed at least every yearly quarter, however some departments may choose to do it more often, or less (i.e. annually). Only a Certified Instructor should administer the Primary and Review Course material and training. It is also advised that Instructor Candidates and Training Officers complete the Primary Course first, before entering into the following Instructor Programs.

Certified Instructor:

The Instructor’s Course is centered around a twelve (12) hour, two (2) day certification, in addition to the Primary Course. The focus is for the Instructor Candidate to not just learn the information, but learn how to properly teach and assess the information and progress of each student/officer. It is advised that this Certification should be renewed every two (2) years. Only a Certified Master Instructor should administer this Certification Course material and training.

Certified Master Instructor:

The Certified Master’s Course gives the tools and knowledge for the Instructor to properly certify other instructors. Although a department may choose to only certify one trainer/instructor, it is recommended to certify at least two. By having two, prepares the department for unseen attrition, and also gives the main Instructor a higher grade assistant. On the other hand, some departments seek to certify multiple officers. Requirements for this level of certification are as follows:

A. Instructor’s Certification.
B. Completion of two (2) seven hour Instructional Courses to a group of four or more students/officers.
C. Completion of two (2) two hour Review and Assessment courses to a group of four or more students/officers.
D. After requirements A-C, the Master Instructor’s Course is concluded with a six (6) hour, one (1) day Master Certification. The focus is for the Master Instructor Candidate to not just review the information, but learn how to properly teach and assess the information, skills, and progress of the Instructor Candidate’s skills. This certification does not need to be renewed. Only the Chief Instructor of this program should administer this level of certification to protect the authenticity of the course material and training.